Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Union Communication Portal Project

The Turkish HVAC-R industry consists of following leading sub-sectoral associations.

İSKAV (Foundation for Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Research and Education)

İSKİD (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers' Association)

ESSİAD (Association of the Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen of Refrigeration)

DOSİDER (Natural Gas Devices Industrialists and Businessmen's Association)

İZODER (Association of Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing, Sound Insulation and Fireproofing Material Producers, Suppliers and Applicators)

SOSİAD (Association of Refrigeration Industry and Businessmen)

POMSAD (Turkish Pump and Valve Manufacturers' Association)

TTMD (Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers)

MTMD (Mechanical Contractors' Association)

İSEDA (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Training Consultancy and Research Association)

Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Union has launched a communication portal project with a view to ensure that the representatives of associations, foundations, and similar organizations which make up the sub-sector structure and their members communicate through the Internet in a SECURE medium.

Objective of the Project:

 To boost communication between all components of the HVAC-R  industry and to ensure that exporters have easy access to all organizational bulletins released by the HVAC-R Exporters Union,

 To provide instant messaging for all associations, foundations, and firms in the communication center through a secure software,

 To use the Forum which is planned to be used for training and providing information and will allow opinions and thoughts to be easily expressed,

 To ensure access to the application via the organizational web site of the HVAC-R Exporters Union which will be posted on www.turkishhvacrindustry.com so that the project is introduced to a large number of people and becomes a center of attraction.

HVAC-R Industry Sub-Sector Databank and Project Access Point


Visitors may get the following services through the web site designed to provide access to HVAC-R Industry Communication Center application and to turn the application into a center of attraction by capturing more attention.  

 All information, news, activities, and publications related to the sector will be posted on the blog page of the HVAC-R industry's web site and, in a sense, it will function as the sector's web log.

 The virtual library is expected to attract the highest number of visitors in the web site. A custom-made software developed for this section will provide access to:

    Catalogues and publications released by associations, foundations, and similar organizations within the structure of the HVAC-R industry,

    Presentations containing detailed information about projects concerning the HVAC-R industry,

    Visual materials and the designs of corporate logos, posters, or promotional materials developed for fairs, trade delegations, meetings, and events,

    Information and publications targeting the overseas partners of organizations and corporations making up the industry's structure so that they can keep abreast with global developments concerning the industry.

Thus, a databank comprising the whole industry will be created in a digital form. This enriched content is expected to increase the number of people visiting the web site while boosting awareness on the HVAC-R industry and the communication center. 

Requirements for Participation in the Project:

Any member of the Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Union may take part in the project after sending its email address and organizations in the industry which it has joined as a member.

The project aims to enable exporters to maintain more effective communication in the digital world, to make efforts to ensure that information about firms are advertised broadly in that sphere, and to enable rapid access to information, documents, and regulations about the industry from the same point.