Turkey Attended ISH 2017 as a Partner Country

As a result of the initiatives of the Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association, Turkey featured as a partner country in ISH Frankfurt Fair, the leading specialised fair of the heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitation, air conditioning systems, renewable energy and innovative bathroom designs across the world.

The fair, which is organized every second year, is the leading fair of the HVAC&R sector thanks to the number of visitors, the country of origin of participants, the magnitude of the fair area and the number of participating countries.

In 2015, a total of 104 Turkish companies attended the fair, whereas is 2017, the number of Turkish companies attending the fair rose to 140 with an increase of around 30% thanks to the Partner Country concept and İSİB’s initiatives.

The opening ceremony was attended by a number of high level officials from both countries, including Mr. Tarek Al-Wazir, Deputy Minister of Economy, Energy, Transportation and Regional Development, Mr. Peter Feldman, Mayor of Frankfurt, Mr. Ibrahim Şenel, Undersecretary of the Turkish Ministry of Economy, Mr. Burak Karartı, Turkey’s Ambassador to Frankfurt, Mr. Ömer Cihad Vardan, President of DEİK, along with other officials from the Turkish Ministry of Economy.

Following the opening ceremony, Mr. Tarek Al-Wazir, Mr. Peter Feldman, Mayor of Frankfurt and Mr. Ibrahim Şenel, Undersecretary of the Turkish Ministry of Economy paid a short visit to Turkish pavilions, where the visitors were informed about Turkish HVAC&R sector. The visitors were also presented with gifts from the Turkish representatives, including a few works of Ebru, the traditional Turkish art of paper marbling.

Mr. İbrahim Şenel and Mr. Ömer Cihad Vardan, along with other members of the protocol, paid visits to the participating Turkish firms. Mr. Zeki Poyraz, the President of Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Union, accompanied the protocol during these visits.

At the evening of the same day, a special dinner was organized in Municipality of Römer in honour of the Turkish delegation. Mr. Ömer Cihad Vardan, the President of DEİK, delivered a speech at the dinner. Mr. Zeki Poyraz, the President of İSİB, was presented with a gift for his intensive support and effort in participation to the event.

During the course of the fair, Turkey as the Partner Country and HVAC&R sector in Turkey was promoted. İSİB advertisements were placed on 100 taxies in the city centre and special bags were distributed in the fair area.

Many Turkish companies that did not have a stand at the fair were also provided with logistical support by İSİB at Hall 11.1, where İSİB lounge was located. The companies were able to hold one-on-one talks in this area.