Turkish HVAC&R Sector Draws Widespread Attention in Pakistan


With a population of 200 million people, a developing economy and an ever-growing market, Pakistan is a hot spot for Turkish HVAC&R Sector.

Pakistan has imported a remarkable 40% of its HVAC&R products in the past two years, with the volume of Turkish exports reaching as much as 21 million USD following an 81% increase in the same period. Nevertheless, the current figures are considerably below the potential in Pakistan, which makes it clear that specific measures must be taken to harness that potential. Pakistani market is much like the Turkish market in the 1980s, and therefore provides valuable opportunities for exporters, who should lose no time in securing their places in the market. Due to our cultural and historical ties with Pakistan, the Turkish delegation was greeted with interest and sympathy. Currently, China has significant investments in the country, and Pakistani people are eager to establish long-term business relations with their Turkish counterparts.



ISIB Attended Islamabad HVAC Expo Fair

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Union (ISIB) attended Islamabad HVAC Expo Fair held on 5-7 April 2018 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Throughout the Fair, where ISIB had an info booth, Turkish delegation had a chance to hold meetings with managers of ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter as well as leading representatives of the sector. In addition, Turkish delegation met with representatives of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Based on the analysis of the booths of local firms, the delegation has concluded that 30 Turkish firms currently have distributorship agreements in Pakistan. The next fair will be held in Karachi, and members of the delegation expressed their convintion that a comprehensive participation at national level must be organized for the next event. Additionally, ISIB will work to ensure Turkey's participation in the fair as a partner country and to conduct a comprehensive image building efforts during the future events.