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(TOBB) HVAC-R Assembly has reached a consensus to accelerate its efforts to encourage departments of air-conditioning engineering to be opened in the engineering and technology faculties of local universities. Representatives of the Assembly will make a visit to the Higher Education Council to discuss these efforts.

The TOBB HVAC-R Assembly of Turkey met under the presidency of Mr Zeki Poyraz to evaluate developments in the sector. At the meeting, intermediate labour shortage faced by the sector was laid on the table, and problems arising from the inadequate training of candidate technicians and engineers were raised for discussion.

“Our market share in air-conditioning exports must increase” (Dünya Daily Newspaper)

Noting that Turkey ranks 23rd among the countries making the largest imports in the world HVAC-R sector, the Chairman of the HVAC-R Industry Exporters Union(ISIB) Mr Zeki Poyraz has said that Turkey has the potential to increase its exports. The ISIB has prepared a report on “World HVAC-R Sector Imports” with the aims of increasing the sector’s exports, reaching out to more countries and supporting the export activities of their members. Commenting on the report, the President of the ISIB Mr Zeki Poyraz has stated that the world HVAC-R sector imports have been on the rise in recent years with a parallel increase in sector imports across the world. He has said: “We believe that Turkey must fully use the opportunities in the HVAC-R sector and increase its market share. The Turkish HVAC-R sector used to make 75 percent of its exports to EU countries. Today, due to diversified markets, this has fallen to 45 percent. However, products of the Turkish HVAC-R sector have reached all parts of the world.”

20 firms in the HVAC-R sector are included among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Organizations annually published by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.(Termoklima Magazine)

The President of the Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchanges (TOBB) HVAC-R Industry Assembly Mr Zeki Poyraz has said that they are pleased that 20 firms in theHVAC-R sector are included among Turkey’s biggest organizations, and that they will see more air-conditioning firms on the list in the coming years.

As air conditioning is so vital for the Mediterranean climate, principal air conditioning associations that share the regional challenges and are regulated by similar European laws have been coming together for the Mediterranean Congress of Air Conditioning (CLIMAMED), since 2004. CLIMAMED provides a forum to exchange knowledge and experience for designers, manufacturers, contractors, and end-users alike.


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