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HVAC-R Industry Exporters Union (İSİB) met with the representatives of the sectoral press organizations on 25 January 2013.

Current and future issues concerning HVAC-R sector and İSİB were discussed at the meeting attended by İSİB Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Zeki Poyraz and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Metin DURUK, Mr. Mehmet ŞANAL, and Members of the Board of Directors Mr. Önder ŞAHİN, Mr. Murad BAKANAY and Mr. Turhan KARAKAYA, and the representatives of the sectoral press organizations. Views were exchanged towards a more effective promotion of both the sector and İSİB and about what should be done to enable the sector to express itself in the best manner in the coming periods as well.


The Turkish HVAC-R Industry Exporters Union participated in the activities covered by the “Turkish Innovation Week” held from the 6-8 December 2012 at İstanbul Congress Center under the organization of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM). A total of 14 innovative products from 8 firms were exhibited over these three days. The HVAC-R Sector Stand attracted a immense interest from all segments, hosting many visitors, particularly Mr. Kadir TOPBAŞ, the Mayor of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and Mr. Mehmet BÜYÜKEKŞİ, Chairman of Turkish Exporters Council. 



The HVAC-R Sector will Lead the Future

The Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Union (ISIB) has started work on hundreds of projects to achieve its 2013 vision. ISIB President Mr Zeki Poyraz said that the Exporters Union aims to grow 6-fold over the next 10 years.

Pointing to the increasing levels of prosperity in society, urban transformation, and the rise in quality life standards as factors which are causing an increasing the demand for the sector, Mr Poyraz stated that they held a sectoral workshop in Antalya for the first time. He pointed out that this successful workshop was attended  “About 300 people including academics, technical consultants, industrialists, mechanical fitting specialists, and bureaucrats reached agreement on the need for the development of the sector in terms of university-industry cooperation, increased capabilities of engineering, R&D and innovation, an increased share in world markets, and institutionalization.”

“HVAC-R Workshop 2012” will be held in Antalya to discuss the strategies that will carry HVAC-R sector to the year 2023 targets, as well as the problems of the sector and solution proposals.

The HVAC-R Workshop to be held between 30 November - 2 December at Rixos Lares Hotel carries importance from the standpoints of its being the first workshop of the sector and development of university-industry cooperation.


The President of the Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchanges (TOBB) Turkish HVAC-R Assembly Mr Zeki Poyraz, the Vice President of the TOBB Turkish HVAC-R Assembly Mr Metin Duruk, and members of the TOBB Turkish HVAC-R Assembly Mr Turhan Karakaya and Mr Mehmet Şanal discussed the HVAC-R sector on the “Sector Assemblies” programme broadcast by the Bloomberg HT channel with Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin and Ali Çağatay acting as moderators. ​

Talking of the scope of the HVAC-R sector, the President of the Turkish HVAC-R Assembly Mr Zeki Poyraz said that the HVAC-R sector was as important in life as the nose in a human being.


İSİB(Turkish HVAC-R Industry Exporters’ Union) is participating this world-wide organization to promote Turkish companies. 34 HVAC-R companies from Turkey is also participating the event with their own stands.