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HVAC-R Industry Exporters’ Union (İSİB) held a workshop between 16-19 April 2015 in Antalya - Venezia Palace De Luxe Resort Hotel, assessing the current situation of HVAC-R sector, holding programs for technical information and training, discussing the expectations from İSİB, and promoting sectoral togetherness.

Attended by more than 250 participants, the first day of the Workshop started with the opening address of Mr. S. Zeki Poyraz, Chairman of İSİB. Following the “Business Ethics Presentation by Mr. Levent Aydın, Director of İSİB, Mr. Hakan Semerci, Chairman of ESSİAD (Aegean Refrigerating Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association) introduced “EHİS Test Laboratory”, and gave information about the campaign: “You Also Put a Brick”. Mr. Metin Çelik, Marketing Manager of Eximbank, gave a presentation on the credits extended by Banks for the exporter firms, and answered the questions of the participants.

The first day of the Workshop saw finally the award ceremony of “2nd HVAC-R Industry Product and Engineering Design” competition organized by İSİB. Jury Member Prof. Dr. Macit Toksoy gave information on the two-year development and evaluation process of the competition. İSİB Chairman Mr. Zeki POYRAZ talked about the benefits of the Design Competition for the sector, noting that the competition would be developed further in the forthcoming period. Before presentation of the awards, Mr. İbrahim Şenel, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, took the floor, thanking the participants for the rising export values in HVAC-R sector in the recent years, giving information on Turkish economy. Following the opening addresses, the top-three-ranked project owners received their awards from Mr. İbrahim Şenel and Mr. Zeki Poyraz and Mr. Necdet Özer, Chairman of Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce for Denizli Province.

HVAC-R Industry Exporters’ Union (İSİB) rendered lounge service for the benefit of its member firms at ISH Frankfurt 2015 Fair, one of the world’s biggest fairs for air-conditioning sector, which was held between 10-14 March 2015 in Germany/Frankfurt.

İSİB made its mark with its advertisement activities as well under the fair realized at Hall 10, attended by more than 100 Turkish firms. İSİB realized advertisement activities at more than 100 points at Frankfurt Airport, on 100 taxis at the city centrum, on 3 towers at the Fair area and on 6 billboards along the walkways, and distributed 10,000 bags during the Fair.

All of the Turkish firms were visited during the Fair and were given information on both our Union and on the State Supports.

Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Union (İSİB), has participated with an info stand to Climate World Fair which was held in Moscow at 3-6 March 2015.

Meanwhile, some meetings were held with leading Russian HVAC-R Sector’s associations; Association of  Proffessionals in Industry for Climats (APIC), Russian Association of Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics (ABOK), Russian Union Of Refregiration  Industry and  HVAC Marketing Agency. During these meetings, cooperation opportunities between two countries was negotiated.


İSİB (HVAC-R Industry Exporters’ Union) sponsored the Winter Conference held by ASHRAE between 24-28 January 2015 in Chicago/USA.

Some 800 ASHRAE-member engineers-students-project consultants from within and outside the USA attended the Conference where Asst. Prof. Dr. Kadir İSA gave a speech on Turkish HVAC-R Sector and İSİB under the sponsorship.

At the promotion desk allocated to İSİB under the activity, materials introducing our country and the sector were distributed; making contacts with many persons, promoting also ASHRAE RAL CRC 2015 Conference to be held between 1-4 October 2015 in our country, as well as the 12th International Conference to be held in April 2016 under TTMD organization...

The Members of the Board of Directors of HVAC-R Industry Exporters' Union (İSİB) visited Eximbank General Manager Mr. Hayrettin KAPLAN at his office. At the meeting attended by the Bank’s Deputy General Managers Mr. Mesut GÜRSOY, Mr. Enis GÜLTEKİN and Mr. Alaaddin METİN as well, the Bank executives talked about the Bank’s activities aiming to increase the country’s exports in a more secure and rapid manner, while İSİB Board Members voiced their expectations from the Bank for the coming period.

HVAC-R Industry Exporters' Union (İSİB) participated in the Innovation Week activities held between 4-6 December 2014 at İstanbul Congress Center. The activity featured the exhibition of top-ranked projects under İSİB Design and Application Competition whose award ceremony was held in May 2014, giving the project owners the opportunity to explain their projects to the guests.

An introductory meeting for ISH 2015 Fair was held on 04 December 2014 at Grand Hyatt İstanbul Hotel with the motto: “Comfort Meets Technology”.

At the meeting held for ISH Fair to be organized between 10-14 March 2015, speeches were given by Mr. Andreas LÜCKE, General Manager of BDH (The Federal Industrial Association of Germany House, Energy & Environmental Technology), Ms. Iris Jeglitza-Moshage, Board Member of Messe Frankfurt, and Mr. Zeki POYRAZ, Chairman of İSİB.

İSİB Chairman Mr. Zeki POYRAZ stated that HVAC-R sector was very well organized in Turkey and that ISH Fair carried a big importance for Turkish HVAC-R sector, demanding that a greater place be allocated for Turkish HVAC-R sector at ISH Fair, and proposing that Turkey be selected as the partner country at the fair to be held in the year 2017.

İSİB Board Members came together with the students of HVAC-R Department of  Yıldız Technical University on 03 December 2014 at Cemile Sultan Korusu Koru Teras Restaurant. At the lunch attended by İSİB Chairman Mr. Zeki POYRAZ and İSİB Board Members Mr. Levent AYDIN, Mr. Zeki ÖZEN and Mr. Murat BAKANAY, the students communicated their career plans and demands to İSİB executives. İSİB Board Members shared their experiences with the students, stating that they would always be standing by the students.

İSİB Chairman Mr. S. Zeki POYRAZ and İSİB Director Mr. H. Turgut SALAÇİN visited the sectoral firms based in İzmir and Manisa at their premises. During the visits that took place between 18-20 November 2014, Mr. Zeki POYRAZ exchanged ideas with the sectoral firms, giving information on the activities to be realized in the upcoming period, finding out their expectations and demands from our Union. 

Under the program, a meeting was held with the representatives of ESSİAD (Aegean Refrigeration Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association), one of the sectoral civil society organizations, discussing the possibilities of cooperation in the forthcoming period.